Accounting services

We understand the importance of good cooperation between the manager and the accountant. We have provided accounting services since 1998. We have more than 200 accounting clients all over Estonia.

We have started to provide services for companies active in Finland, offering support in communication with the Finnish tax administration. We have contacts with accounting companies that operate in Finland. We exchange our knowledge and know the Good Practise of Finland.

Each enterprise that becomes our client will get a personal accountant who will answer to all financial questions. The accountant has a complete view over the initial documents and cash flow.

We do the following:

Preparation of accounting policies and procedures
Recording accounting source documents in the journal and general ledger
Preparation of current tax returns and financial statements
Representing the client in the Tax Board, Health Insurance Fund, Pension Board
Salary calculation and the related reporting
Preparation of annual accounts and the annexes thereto
Resuming accounting
Consultations (free for regular customers)

For apartment associations:

Printing monthly cheques
Salary calculation, completing related declarations
Expenditure calculation, keeping cashbooks
Keeping journals and general ledgers
Preparation of annual accounts
Consultations (free for regular customers)